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23rd February 2014

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So, I’ve registered for CONvergence.

I don’t have a place to stay just yet, but I’ve got plenty of time to figure that out. I’ve just decided to go to the con because cons are fun, without putting so much pressure on myself to spend time with people. It’s my birthday, goddamnit, I should be allowed to have fun, and should allow myself to have fun. I’ll wear Chamber and Ice King and Grandpa English, and just have a good time.

This is part of the more positive shift in thinking I’ve been trying to shoot for. I chose to start going to CON again two years ago because it’s a big con with a lot of different things going on, so I’m gonna start really attending the con, instead of just being there for other people.

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12th July 2013

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Broken Saints needs more exposure…

Some day, I’m either going to do a Broken Saints info panel, or drum up the cash to do a Broken Saints room party at CONvergence. As old as the series is, I think it could do with some more exposure among geeks in my area.

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10th July 2013

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Eating with Ice King at Dairy Queen.

Hey look, it’s me!


Eating with Ice King at Dairy Queen.

Hey look, it’s me!

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1st July 2013


foogee said: Are you going to be at the Adventure Time photo shoot Thursday? I'd love to get a picture with you and have my emotions rocked by being in the same room as Simon.

As a matter of fact, I am! It was actually me needing to wear my Simon costume on Thursday (due to using my real beard, and having other costumes that require less facial hair later in the weekend), that caused the photoshoot to end up getting scheduled for when it is. So yeah, I’ll definitely be there, being both a walking spoiler and a provider of Ice King feels for all! :-D

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29th June 2013

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Just putting myself out there…

So, I’ve been hearing rumors that there’s gonna be an influx of creepers at CONvergence who are trying to retaliate against the “Cosplay Is Not Consent” campaign that started at CONvergence last year. Obviously, this is not a cool thing to be happening.

That said, I’m unofficially adding myself to the list of “safe” adults to come to if you feel like you’re being harassed or intimidated. I’ll be around all CON, staying at the Days Inn across the highway from the Doubletree.

My name is Dirk Ykema, and my Badge Name will be StellarVisions. Here’s what I’ll be wearing for costumes all weekend, so you can find me:

Thursday: Simon Petrikov (though my skin will be blue, and my beard white, you get the basic idea)

Friday: “Professor” Jake English (no picture, but look for a guy in a white pith helmet carrying an absurdly large gun, with a green skull on my t-shirt.)

Saturday: Ellis (I’m on the right, and will again have the silly toy chainsaw)

Sunday: Scott Pilgrim (on the left, obviously, lol)

I’ll also be keeping my eyes and ears open all con as I go around room parties and stuff, and will report things I see going on that shouldn’t be happening to con staff.

Anyway, see you at CON!

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28th June 2013

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A funny thought

I’m signed up for the Speed Dating panel on Thursday night of CONvergence. Iam going to be cosplaying as Simon Petrikov (aka The Ice King), for the entirety of Thursday afternoon and evening. Thusly, I am going to be attending a speed-dating event in full costume. Particularly, a character who is well-known for being lonely and princess-obsessed.

This cannot end badly XD I think I’ll take a picture of myself before I put on my costume, so that I can show anyone who’s curious what I look like under all the makeup.

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28th June 2013

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Another CONvergence karaoke song idea

"BRAINS!" by Voltaire could be fun to sing, heh

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26th June 2013


So, CONvergence Karaoke Idol…

I’m still thinking about what I want to actually sing for my qualifying round, and if we have to sing something different during the finals on Sunday.

In terms of “geeky” songs, I have it narrowed down to "Brand New Day" from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and/or "The Very Best" from There Will Be Brawl.

In terms of “non-geeky” songs, I have it narrowed down to "The Story In Your Eyes" by The Moody Blues, and/or "Smooth" by Santana featuring Rob Thomas.

Thoughts, anyone?

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12th April 2013

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Looking for one more for CONvergence 2013

So, I was originally planning on rooming with a friend of mine and her boyfriend, as well as two other friends of mine at CONvergence this coming July. Unfortunately, the friend and her boyfriend have dropped out on me, and after some consideration, I’ve decided that rather than trying to cram 5 people into a hotel room, I would reduce my number to 4 people, myself included. This makes it $75 for the whole weekend staying at the Bloomington West Days Inn, which is just across the highway from the Doubletree.

As stated in the title, I need one more person. I’d prefer someone in their 20’s, male or female, and driving/having a car is a bonus, but not necessary. Feel free to send me an ask if you need a room, so that we can hammer things out ahead of time. Thanks!

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14th March 2013

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A Broken Saints room party…

So, I go to a big, 4-day convention in Minnesota called CONvergence. At the hotel the con is hosted at, there are “cabana rooms” that ring the courtyard and pool area, that are used exclusively for themed room parties. Anything from dispensing toast “House of Toast” to themed rooms for Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Firefly, and so on.

I’ve had this thought before, but have never seriously considered it (owing largely to being the only Broken Saints fan in Minnesota, that I’m aware of anyway), about doing a Broken Saints-themed room party at CONvergence. The room itself would have Broken Saints playing all evening/night, and would be decorated with whatever posters/flyers/artwork I can scrape up from the creators/fan community, and would otherwise be decorated in the style of a dirty cityscape. The balcony, on the other hand, would have a sandbox, and would be decorated in the style of Lomalagi, and would be a place people could go to relax, and get away from the noise of the room. I’m not sure what I’d serve for snacks/beverages, but I’m sure I could come up with some Broken Saints-inspired cocktails, if I really worked at it.

I dunno, I just really want Broken Saints to have a bigger presence in the geek community, particularly the con I go to. Maybe I could do a panel on it or something, lol

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